Principia Suite

The Building

The name comes from the set of buildings which represented the castrum in the Roman age, where the army used to stay temporarily or permanently. These buildings were located in front of the open tent of the chief, the praetorium.

Principia Suite is situated a few metres from Piazza del Popolo and the Lodge of Merchants and meets the needs of those who do not want to give up on a stay in the city centre keeping the intimacy of a private space.

The location at the corner between Corso Mazzini and Rua delle Sette Soglie is the strength of Principia Suite, the ideal stay in the living heart of Ascoli Piceno.

The building is in a restricted traffic zone and it cannot be reached without a special authorization. Despite of this, we grant to all our guest a caring assistance and service even during the night and offer our help to find the best way to come.


Principia Suite is the result of a restoration of an ancient tower. The building sits within a historic setting of other buildings in the centre of Ascoli Piceno and has the original distictive narrow inner staircase which links the floors and the little entrance together. The house has no lift facilities.

First Floor

Room of Archangels

Practical and stylish suite in a fine elegant context. A fresco ceiling creates a charming atmosphere which makes you think to past times. All those who want to stay in the city Centre in an intimate comfortable space will appreciate the fine decor and furniture.

The room has a private bathroom, open wardrobe, little living room and kitchenette, small terraces.


Room of Archangels

Second Floor

Room of Cherub

The open space with little living room and double bed becomes a triple room upon request. The comfortable sofa of the living room becomes a practical sofa bed and can be used by a little family.

The room has a private bathroom and a little kitchenette.


Room of Cherub

Third Floor

Room of Seraphim

The room is equipped with a kitchenette, private bathroom with shower and a living room. The bedroom is a separate intimate room.

The little balcony upon Corso Mazzini, old decuman, offers a beautiful view over the buildings and the ancient palaces of the old city centre.


Room of Seraphim

Principia Suite



We will be happy to check you in an out at Palazzo dei Mercanti. The reception is open 24 hours per day.


Breakfast is served from 7 am to 10 am at Palazzo dei Mercanti, historic house 150 metres away from Principia Suite.


Principia Suite has a Wi-Fi connection which reaches all the rooms.

Air Conditioning

Each room has its own air conditioning system.

How to Reach Us


The old city Centre of Ascoli Piceno, which keeps the ancient Roman structure, is built around the typical narrow curvy streets (called “rue”) which do not allow any easy circulation of the vehicles.
The staff is available to assist you and recommend the easiest way to arrive. We invite all our guest to arrive in front of Palazzo dei Mercanti (a couple of minutes of walking distance from Principia Suite), download the car and walk to Principia Suite accompanied by us.

Here you find some parking options:

  • Free parking space into a private garage for those who love motorcycles!
    We are happy to offer our garage for free for our guests’ motorcycles and bicycles.
  • Private Garage
    Available upon request, it will cost € 15.00 per day. This is the best way to avoid any parking troubles. Just arrive in front of Palazzo dei Mercanti and the staff will take care of your car. Please, book it before arrival. We appreciate it!
  • Special fees for public parking spaces
    — Multilevel parking “Torricella”: about 500 meters distant from Principia Suite. We recommend it! Special fee of € 7.00 per day (instead of € 10.00) – Ask for your ticket at our reception desk to get the discounted fee.
    — Multilevel parking “Ex Gil”: about 1 km from Principia Suite. It costs €2.50 per day. Closed during the night from 2 am to 6 am.

Near Palazzo dei Mercanti there are many pay parking areas.

The angels and the City of Hundred Towers

In the crypt of Saint Emidio, the patron saint of our town and protector against the earthquakes, it is possible to admire a unique prestigious masterpiece. It is a mosaic, created by the artists of the Vatican School, which is visible in the inside of the crypt just above the sarcophagus of the patron saint.
The artists represented the angels’ multitude who keeps the city of Ascoli Piceno, called “città turrita”, city of towers or of hundred towers. In this tale the angels would protect the city of Ascoli and have been protecting it by raising it and taking it away from natural disasters. This popular belief, which has a strong effect on the people from Ascoli, is connected to the belief that the patron saint spared the city from the future earthquakes avoiding any damages. On the contrary the villages and the cities in the neighbourhoods have had many earthquake-related damages. Under the protection of angels and Saint Emidio, the City of Hundred Towers, had no permanent damages to monuments, buildings or people.

Principia Suite

Check-in and Check-out

The reception of Palazzo dei Mercanti is open twenty-four hours a day every day.

Palazzo dei Mercanti and Principia Suite Check-in time is from 2pm. Check-out time is by 12am. If you are planning to arrive sooner or later, please contact us Tel. +39 0736 256044